🤔 Why My iPhone 14 Won’t Turn On?

iPhone 14 Won't Turn On

iPhone 14 is an expensive asset in terms of money. It provides the user with various features, making life easy with technology. If you do not manage it properly, you will also say, like others 🤔 Why Does My iPhone 14 Won’t Turn On?

Taking care of the device should be the primary focus of the user. Being an electronic device, it can sometimes get damaged or stop working. But if the user takes care of their device, it is long-term.

Possible Reasons 

  • System Failure 

Sometimes, there is a need to update most apps at the same time. This can lead to overloading of the app store, which can severely affect the iPhone 14 system making it malfunction; thus, iPhone 14’s are not Turning on. 

  • Battery loss, Adapter or data cable 

A user whose iPhone 14 has completely lost charge of the phone will only start to work once and if it is 100% charged.  

In another case, the charger does the charging, but sometimes, the charger gets disconnected. This might happen due to a defective adaptive or cable.  

  • Hardware Damage 

Out of all the reasons discussed above, this is the most dangerous one. Companies claim the phones to be water-resistant, but direct exposure to water for too long can harm your iPhone 14. Also, if it is dropped from a certain height many times, then there are chances that the components of your iPhone 14 will be damaged. 

Solution For Why My iPhone 14 Won’t Turn On?

Before & After - my Iphone 14 Won't Turn On
  • Check the status of the battery. 

The first thing an average person would do is attach the charger to iPhone 14. It is the standard most thing to check the charge of the phone. Some people rush to turn the iPhone on the moment the charging is enabled, but in this case, we have to wait for at least fifteen minutes to view that it works again. 

Another possible reason can be a defective charger. Patiently check whether your iPhone 14’s charger is defective, as it may also not allow the charger to charge the phone. 

  • Check that your iPhone 14 is dry. 

Apple claims the iPhone is water-resistant, but the liquid is still harmful to the phone. The prime area where the phone gets affected is the charging port. Check whether the iPhone has water droplets on the charging port or has been dropped harshly; in both situations, iPhone 14’s not Turning on. 

Reboot Your iPhone 

Reboot Your iPhone if your iPhone 14 Won't Turning On

If the user’s iPhone 14 is not Turning on and gets stuck, then the reason might be due to numerous updates simultaneously. You can try rebooting your phone, which can solve most of the problems. The following steps can be tried: 

  1. The volume Up button should be pressed and released. 
  2. The Down volume button should be pressed and released. 
  3. Press the side Button and release it until the logo of Apple appears on the screen. 
  • Restoring iPhone 14 with iTunes 

Restoring your iPhone 14 with iTunes is also an alternative way. Below are the steps that can help reset your iPhone 14, but it can result in data loss. Therefore, backing up the data is recommended before restoring iPhone 14. 

  1. Connect your iPhone 14 to pc or laptop and open iTunes with the latest version. 
  2. Open the recovery mode of your iPhone 14. 
  3. iTunes will detect your iPhone automatically and suggest that your device requires to be restored. 
  4. A notification will pop up, confirming to restore iPhone 14 and allowing iTunes to begin to repair your iPhone 14. 
  • Text or call Apple Support 

If your iPhone is within the warranty period, in this case, you can text for help to Apple’s support team. Apple Support Centre always welcomes its customer, which will help you solve the problem. 

Some Tips 

Two hands with holding two iPhone
  • iPhone 14 should be charged only using the original charger; if you do not have one, kindly purchase it. 
  •  Refrain from filling the device storage with unwanted items. Regular cleaning up of the memory is necessary. This will not lead to the phone hanging. 
  • Taking care of the iPhone 14 is the most important thing. Though most iPhones are water-resistant, never allow your iPhone 14 to come in contact with water. This will help in keeping your device safe. 

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The latest version of the Apple iPhone usually arrives in well-equipped condition and with appropriate software, so iPhone 14 cannot be easily turned off. The problem of the iPhone Won’t Turn on can be solved if the user emphasizes the points discussed in the topic. 

Keep hope if your iPhone 14 Won’t turn on for any reason. Try to solve it yourself first, and if not solved by you, then get to Apple customer care for help. 

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