Why My Apple Watch Won’t Swipe Up Or Down?

Why My Apple Watch Won't Swipe Up Or Down

One of the most valuable features of the Apple Watch is the ability to access and control the Centre using the swipe-up property. This is useful, especially when there is a need to quickly change some settings on the Apple watch, such as disabling or enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, accessing the flight mode, and more.

Hence, it gets irritating when the Apple Watch Won’t Swipe Up Or Down. If you are still thinking, Why Won’t My Apple Watch Swipe Up? So, listen due to everyday issues that began with Apple watch-OS 8.5.1. The problems affect not getting the notifications for some users.

Apple noted this problem and was going to fix it in watch-OS 9. However, if your Apple watch has not been working even after the updates, this article consists of some troubleshooting tips to get the clock working again.

Tips For Solving This Problem.

Below are Some techniques that can be used to solve this problem. These techniques are practically tried and then only discussed here.

Here is the list πŸ™‚

  • Either Restart or force Restart Apple Watch 
  •  Change the face lock to fix this issue 
  •  Unpair, and then Re-pair Apple Watch with iPhone 
  •  Remove the Screen protector of the Apple Watch 
  •  Clean the watch one 

Now, let us see the above tips in detail. 

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  • Either Restart or force Restart Apple Watch. 

The first Restarting your Apple Watch is a possible action. Doing this can resolve some problems with your Apple watch that is troubling you. For restarting your watch, the following steps can be used.  

  • The side button must be pressed. 
  •  Then tap the Power icon. 
  •  Drag the Power Off slider to the left. 
  •  After this, wait for a few seconds and then repeat the process to restart your Apple Watch. 

Similarly, another way to deal with this problem is to force reboot Apple Watch. To do this, press and hold the digital crown and side button together. When the Apple logo appears, then you can use the buttons together.

  • Unpair, and then Re-pair Apple Watch with iPhone  

If the above tips did not resolve the swipe-up issue of the Apple watch, then we can try this tip by connecting to iPhone.

Try first to pair the Apple watch and then un-pair it again. Then again, try to pair it with the mobile phone and see if this tip is working.

  • Change the face lock to fix it. 

This is a technique that is to be tried in frustration. This cannot be assumed to work or not work. To change the Apple Watch face, we have to swipe the watch face either left or right. Then try the swiping up gesture and view that if it works.

  • Remove the Screen protector of the Apple Watch. 

Using a screen protector on your Apple watch can cause the problem of “Why won’t my Apple watch swipe up?”. This can help in creating an issue with swiping up. You have to remove the screen protector and then purchase a new one; it is still worth trying, specifically if it solves the problem.

  • Clean the watch once 

It is essential to clean your Apple Watch at least once in a few weeks. This will lead to taking care of the watch. Apple claims that all models of Apple Watch are water-resistant, so cleaning the watch won’t hurt or damage the watch.

It is essential to remove the band of the Apple watch before washing it. Pay attention to dust particles on the side of the Digital Crown and side buttons since these dust particles can affect various functions of your Apple watch.

Alternative things to do.

  1. The first alternative is checking the display of the Apple watch for minor cracks.  
  2.  Some users also try to perform the swipe-up gesture at a slower pace. It is worth giving a shot as this might help resolve the problem. 
  3.  If the above troubleshooting tips still need to be solved, then one more way can help you. The Apple watch could be taken to the nearest Apple Store service centre to factory reset the device.  
  • Backing up your Apple Watch is recommended before resetting as you might lose all the previous data. Following steps can be followed to reset your Apple Watch. 
  1. Go to Settings on your Apple Watch 
  2.  Tap General > Reset. 
  3.  Select Erase All Content and Settings. 
  4.  Confirm and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the reset. 


a person handling phone in which they are searching to solve the problem of Apple Watch Won't Swipe Up or down

Apple Watch is an expensive product to purchase. Keep hope that your Apple Watch Won’t be swiping up or down for any reason. Try to solve it yourself first, and if not solved by you, then get to Apple customer care for help. 

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