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Why Does My Phone Say Lte Instead Of 5g

One common question that arises in many people’s minds is, “Why does my phone say LTE instead of 5g?” Firstly, we should get some basic knowledge about the terminologies of this technology and then dive into the answer to the question.

What is LTE? 

5G vs LTE

We might always see this word on our phones, but very few people know. LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution. In words, mobile technology is a blanket term that describes a variety of advanced versions of cellular networks.  

It is commonly believed to be similar to that of 4G, but it is not. Here’s where things get a little tough to understand. 

Depending on the specific cellular provider and in which year the customer purchased the sim, the term LTE could mean a few different things. 

The first official 4G standard was brought into the game in the year 2008 by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). To qualify as a 4G network, a cellular network had to be capable of up to 100 Mbps download speeds. 

The problem arose because none of the carriers at that time had networks capable of generating a proper 4G speed. 

That is when the term LTE first appeared and came into play. The reason behind LTE was that it represented an upgrade path that the cellular networks would adopt from upgraded versions of 3G to true 4G capabilities. 

Now after understanding LTE, another important terminology to understand is 5G. 

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Then What is 5G

5G is the short form of the 5th Generation. It is the fifth major cellular network upgrade since the original. As a technology, 5G is faster and more complex than the previous versions. 

No simple download speed designation can be used to define 5G. The available speed on a 5G network depends on which Frequency the user’s phone is connected to. 

This is because 5G networks rely heavily on the three distinct frequency bands to supply bandwidths. These three distinct frequency bands are: 

  • The first is an ultra-high frequency grouping called a millimetre wave. This Frequency ranges up to 1Gbps to deliver the download speed and even more for other cellular networks.  
  •  In comparison, the second frequency band is a low band similar to existing 4G networks. It is advantageous in covering huge distances and providing solid signal strength even in buildings under construction. 
  •  The final Frequency falls right in between the above two frequencies. This Frequency is a hybrid combination of both frequencies. The medium range of internet available in the required areas is its quality. 

How Can We Turn Off LTE On iPhone? 

LTE turned off when not required in any mobile, including iPhone, so the question “Why Is My Phone Displaying LTE Instead of 5G” doesn’t arise. This process includes the following steps: 

  • Initially, we have to visit the “Settings” section. 
  •  Then an option of “Cellular” will appear on the screen which is to be selected. 
  •  Similarly, “Cellular Data” settings are to be visited. 
  •  Now, if the “Mobile Data” options page screen appears on the screen, then one should know that the device is connected to LTE. 
  •  To turn off LTE, turn “Airplane mode” on and then off. 

If still LTE network is connected, then a particular carrier is to be contacted. You can Also Watch the Given Video.

What is The Difference Between LTE & 5G? 

  1. The main distinguishing factor is the downloading speed.  
  • The downloading speed is less than 100 Mbps in the mobiles when connected to a 5G network. 
  •  This downloading speed will gradually increase after installing 5G networks throughout the country. More bandwidth and frequency will lead to an exponential growth of up to 1 Gbps. 
  1. Another difference is the number of devices per cell these two technologies can support. 
  • LTE can support only up to 1000 devices per cell. 
  •  Whereas 5G can support 10,000 devices per cell. 

The Possible Reasons.

  • Sometimes due to network issues, this problem arises, and as a result, the phone gets connected to the LTE network. 
  •  Another possible reason can be a change in area or while travelling to another place with a low 5G range. In this case, the network automatically connects to the highest range of available networks. 
  •  Some people set limits on internet data usage, so to save the internet, the network can change to LTE. 
  •  One of the reasons can be that when the 5G network doesn’t provide a better visual experience to the user, the phone can automatically switch to LTE, thus saving the battery life.  


In conclusion, LTE is a bit old but still effective as 5G networks are still not installed to the full effect.

Shortly, 5G will overcome all the odds and will be the fastest without any doubt. So, I think we have the answer to “Why Is My Phone Displaying LTE Instead of 5G”.

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