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Buy Ram iPad Mount

A RAM iPad Mount is a typical mount or holder that allows us to attach our iPad to distinct surfaces, such as walls, desks, or vehicle dashboards. RAM is an established brand in the mounts field that provides a wide variety of high-quality mounts for iPads and other devices.

The devices are designed to be durable, with adjustable arms and easy-to-use locking mechanisms. The mount comprises various components, including an arm, base, and holder specifically designed for iPad models.

Features Of Ram iPad Mount

  • Expandable Base 

The base can be easily expanded to fit most vehicle cup holders of sizes 2.75″ to 3.5″ for a secure and custom fit that absorbs all the vibrations. 

  • Height Adjustable 

The arm of the mount offers 11.5 inches of height adjustment to accommodate a variety of uses. 

  • Portrait or Landscape 

Full rotation helps us set up the screen vertically or horizontally to fit any situation. 

  • Adjustable Tray 

Adjustable aluminium arms can expand to fit any 7-11″ tablet with a secure grip. 

  • Holder Dimensions 

It consists of a width range of 2.5″ – 5.75″ and a depth range: of 0.875″ max. 

If you want to learn more about it So, watch this video.

Product Description.

  • It’s designed with rubber caps of spring-loaded ‘X’, which provides excellent holding power without hiding the tablet. It fits most of the 7″ -8″ tablets and includes options for additional devices too. 
  • It includes a RAM Twist-Lock suction cup base, which is ideal for vehicle windshields and is of medium length. It uses ball and socket technology for near and infinite adjustability. 
  • RAM iPad holder is compatible with all tablets. It also provides a warranty of a few years through which the user can easily replace the product with the company. 
  • The outer structure comprises aluminum, stainless steel components, and high-strength composite for maintaining durability and reliability in challenging environments. 

Steps for Installation Ram iPad Mount

  • Clean Surface thoroughly 

Thoroughly clean the desired area using glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to which we wish to install the mount. 

  • Push the Suction Cup onto Surface 

We should push the suction cup’s base onto the Surface and put it against the glass while turning the lock OFF. We must hold the base firmly and apply pressure against the glass to ensure proper suction. 

  • Twist to Lock 

While holding the suction base flush against the glass, we can use our thumb and index finger to turn the lock towards the ON position. Apply pressure on the base a little more to ensure it is suctioned to the Surface and does not become loose. 

  • Attach Socket Arm & Holder 

Then we should attach any B-size socket arm to the base and the desired device holder to complete the installation.

Steps To Purchase Online 

  • The initial step is to visit the website or application on the device. 
  •  Then after logging in to the app, visit the search bar and search “RAM iPad Mount”. 
  •   The related results will appear from which the product can be chosen to suit the user’s preference. 
  •   Then check the product details, specifications, customer reviews, and all the necessary information. 
  •   The next step is to click “add to cart” or “buy now”. 
  •   Clicking on Buy Now will take on to the page where shipping information will be filled in. 
  •  After this, the page will ask for payment details such as credit card, cash on delivery, etc. 
  •   The complete information will be shown for the last time, including the final pricing, delivery location, payment details, etc. 
  •   The final step is to click “Place Order” to confirm the order. 

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Overall, It is a convenient and versatile accessory that can help to get the most out of the iPad. It will enable us to use the device without any issues and comfortably whether at work, bringing something, or heading somewhere for vacation. 

To conclude, this product provides every possible way to provide an advantage to the user and offers a secure grip to iPad, thus preventing it from falling and getting destroyed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • Can the Ram iPad mount be used to hold iPhone 13 or 14? 

Answer:- No, the size of the iPhone 13 or 14 is too small for this mount. Other versions of this mount are available that can be used to hold devices more minor than the pad. 

  • How well will this do while removing and putting on the dashboard multiple times? 

Answer:- The mount will work great. Even infinite removal and putting on the dashboard will not affect the mount. The components and material of the mount do not allow it to wear and tear. 

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