How To Silence Apple Watch – 7 Simple Steps To Follow In 2023

How To Silence Apple Watch

An Apple watch is a boon to today’s generation as we can do so much with an Apple watch that most users are still learning new things about their devices. With all the fantastic things the Apple watch can do, we want it to be seen and not heard in some situations.

There can be many situations where we put our watch on silent mode and find ways to “How Silence Apple Watch”, such as in meetings, cinema halls, when we are sleeping, or even if we get tired of the noise and interruptions.

How to Silence Apple Watch using Control Center in 7 simple steps 

how to silence your apple watch

The volume of the Apple Watch can be turned down, but there might be times when we need to completely put our watch into silent mode.  

One of the best ways to Silence the Apple Watch is by using the Control Center on an Apple Watch. This is the fastest and most convenient way to silence the Apple watch. Here are the steps: 

  • Visit the Control Center 

We must swipe up from the bottom of the watch face to get to the Control Center. 

  • Enable the silent mode. 

In the bottom left corner, a bell icon is to be clicked to enable the silent mode. 

  • Lighting up the silent icon 

The icon will light up on enabling this step, and the bell will have a line through it. 

  • Haptic information 

When the silent mode is enabled, we will feel the taps on our wrists for haptic notifications or timers. Haptic timers still go off even when the Apple watch is charging. 

  • Go to Sounds & Haptics 

Visit the Sounds option in settings and click Haptics in the settings app on our Apple watch or the watch app on our iPhone.  

  • Turn Off Haptic Notifications 

To turn off haptic notifications, slide the haptic alerts switch to off. 

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How To silence your Apple watch with the help of a Phone 

How To Silence your Apple Watch

iPhone can be successful in silencing Apple Watch to a great extent. This is a constructive way when we need to mute our watch right away. 

If the Cover to Mute option is enabled and our iPhone starts ringing, we can end the audio by covering it with our hands for a few seconds. 

This feature can be beneficial if we remember to set our device on silent mode before getting to a conference or gathering. Quickly we can mute our Apple Watch by going to the Control Center. 

Steps by Which we can quickly turn on Silent Mode

  • Go to Control Center 

To get to the Control Center, we must swipe up from the bottom of the watch face.  

  • Tap on the Bell Icon 

Click on the bell icon. 

  • Silent Mode is On 

As soon as we put silent mode on, the bell will turn red, with a slash sign to show it is on.  

  • Check Haptic Alerts 

Our wrist will vibrate if the option of haptic notification is enabled. The Apple watch consists of a panel of controls. In addition to the Silent Mode, our Apple watch has two other modes that can turn off notification sounds. 

“Do Not Disturb”

Do Not Disturb” mode in apple watch

We can enable the “Do Not Disturb” setting on our watch to avoid any noises or vibrations, for example, when meeting. The steps below can help us enable the “Do Not Disturb” mode. 

  • Visit Control Center 

From the bottom of the watch, swipe upward to visit Control Center. 

  • Search “Do Not Disturb” in the search bar of the setting. 

Instead of scrolling down the page, we must search “Do Not Disturb” in the search bar. 

  • Enable the “Do Not Disturb” mode. 

Click “Do Not Disturb” on the screen and select the time we want “Do Not Disturb” mode to be on. 

“Theater Mode” on Apple Watch 

This problem can also be solved by enabling the Theater mode. 

This mode is great when you visit places where you do not want our Apple watch to make sounds of notifications. In this mode, neither will we get any notifications nor our watch screen will wake up when we move our wrist. 

Following Steps must be followed: 

  • Visit the Control Center. 

From the bottom of the watch, swipe upward to visit Control Center. 

  •  The “Two Masks” option must be enabled. 

Tap on the icon that is identical to the two masks. If Theater mode is enabled for our watch, we will still feel messages. 

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Apple Watch is an expensive product to purchase. There are various ways by which we find the solution of “how to silence your Apple watch”.  

This article focuses on all the crucial steps and ways to find “how to silence your Apple watch”, with which we can silence our Apple watch and be relieved from getting disturbed by notifications.  

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