🤔 How To Program A Ge Universal Remote Without Codes?

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The full form of GE is General Electric. It generally offers a variety of global remote controls. One appreciable thing about GE is that most of their remotes have a wide range of compatibility.  

These remotes are generally compatible with over 500 devices of different brands, including TVs, soundbars, DVD players, Blu-ray, satellite boxes, Dish TV, streaming players, and more. Based on the type, one can also have the GE universal remote, which can control four to ten devices at a time.  

The GE global remote control can be used to program not just a Television, but satellite boxes and other gadgets. We will require the GE universal remote codes to be programming a GE universal remote with a TV. But we can program a GE universal remote without codes too.  

There are situations where programming a GE remote can be difficult with codes. In such cases, we can program our GE universal remote without codes. All we have to do is follow the few steps mentioned in this article below. Performing the steps at least once can finish our job with ease.  

There are mainly two ways

There are mainly two ways by which we can program GE Universal Remote without codes. The ways are as follows:  

  1. Number Search method  
  2. Auto Program Search method  

All the two ways, along with the steps, are mentioned in the article briefly.  Steps to program GE Universal Remote without codes:

Number Search Method  

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  • Initially, we will confirm that our gadget is turned on.  
  • In the next step, we will keep our GE universal remote control near our television device (or any type of gadget we want to program).  
  • Then we will search for the ‘Set Up’ option or button on our GE universal remote. When found, we will press and hold the button until a small LED light switches on our remote.  
  • Then we will search for the correct component button of our remote, and when found, we will keep pressing it. The component buttons are the short forms of a device, such as a TV for television. DVD for a DVD player. CBL for cable box. We will press the option according to the need of our device.  
  • Pressing the button should continue as long as the device turns off. We will release pressing the ‘Power’ button on our remote once and only when the device turns off.   

On pressing the button, at the backend of the remote, there are programs in a database that are running to find the right program for our device and brand. So, we may have to press the button for some time to get the correct program. Once our device is turned off, the correct program has been found.  

  • The second last step is to save the program in the database. Then, we will click the ‘Enter’ button on our remote to save the program.  
  • Lastly, we will press the ‘Power’ button once more to save the code we sought.  

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Auto Program Search method  

Software A Ge
  • First, we will switch on the device we want to control and turn off the other devices near it.  
  • Then, we will press and hold the setup button (or OK button for some types of remotes) as long as the red light turns on.  
  • Once the red light turns on, it will tell us to release the OK or setup button.   
  • If we wish to program a television, we must press and release the TV option. The GE universal remote can control six types of devices: TV, CBL, Blue Ray, Aux, Aud, and Strm. If we wish to do an auto-program search for any other device, we have to press and release the respective button.  
  • After pressing the appropriate button of the device that we want to control, the red light on the remote will turn on once again and will continue to be turned on.  
  • Then we have to place our remote in front of the device, then press and release the power button to start the search for the program.  
  • The red light will start blinking, which will indicate that the search for the program has begun.  
  • Then if our device turns off, this will indicate that a compatible program is found, our device will turn off, and the red light on the GE remote control will stop flashing and remain on.  
  • If the red light stops blinking and our TV is turned off, we must repeat the entire procedure from “Step 4 simply”.  
  • Once our device turns off, we must manually turn it back on.  
  • Point our GE universal remote again towards the device and press and release the volume up button.  
  • After pressing the “volume up button,” the red light will flash again and continue to remain on.  
  • At this phase of the process, if a compatible program is found, our device should turn off again.  
  • If the device doesn’t turn off even after pressing the “volume up button,” then we must continue pressing and releasing the volume up button.  
  • Once our device turns off, our remote has started functioning smoothly with the program.  
  • To store this program in our remote, we have to click on the button of the same device which had pressed earlier in “Step 4” above.  
  • Now, we will turn on our device using the GE remote and examine all the buttons to ensure that our remote functions smoothly with this particular device.  
  • If the GE remote is not functioning smoothly with our device, we have to backtrack to “Step 2” to repeat the process and find a better program.  

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Features and Functions possessed by Ge Universal Remotes  

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  • Sometimes, Ge Universal Remotes possess a characteristic to provide customization advantages in specific devices. This allows the control of advanced features beyond volume control, such as picture quality settings.  
  • Some remotes are also designed to work in low light conditions; as such, remotes come with special backlighting. It becomes easier to navigate at night or in case of no electricity.  
  • Some of the remotes consist of a button named ‘favorite,’ allowing users to access their favorite channels in seconds.  
  • To save battery life, these remotes are designed with a battery-saving feature. This feature is already pre-installed into the remotes so that in case of no usage, the battery can be saved for the long life of the remote.  
  • There is a facility for child lock-in such remotes. Parents can use child locks to lock the channels to keep their children away from excessive device usage, such as TV, which would not allow the children to access such channels.  


To conclude, we can program GE universal remote without code using the above mention searching methods. Once in programming mode, the remote starts scanning for the programs and can automatically find the perfect one.   

All the methods in searching for the program are compatible with devices of all possible brands. Following the guide perfectly with all the steps, we can set up GE remote in less than a minute. All the methods are explained in detail in the article so that the user can easily follow these steps to program a GE universal remote without codes.  

All the problems in the GE universal remote have a specific solution to each problem. All the thing is that we have to look out for options to ensure that our problem is completely solved.  

Overall, the steps are easy to understand and implement for almost everyone, regardless of age. This article will guide all those who face problems while setting up the program for GE universal remote.  

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Frequently asked questions  

  1. What is the procedure to program the GE universal remote of my TV?  

Answer :- We can program our GE universal remote control for our television using the Number search or Auto program Search method.   

  1. What is the Ge universal remote’s auto-program search method?  

Answer :- The auto-program search method of the GE universal remote is a practical way of establishing our GE universal remote control when we don’t have the codes for the device we want to program with.   

  1. How can we manually program a GE universal remote?  

Answer :- If a person knows the codes used to program her device, then with the help of the program, a GE universal remote control can be programmed manually using the method described in the article above.   

  1. How can we find the code for GE universal remote control?  

Answer :- The codes are embedded inside the remote, but we can initialize these codes with the help of certain methods.   

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