How To Edit Video – Beginners Guides – Step By Step Tutorial

how to edit video

If you’re just getting started with how to edit video, our in-depth tutorial is here to help. It might be intimidating to dive headfirst into video editing.

Suppose you are interested in editing as a profession or want to edit your own videos for social media or personal use. In that case, the following advice will get you up to speed on the terminology, software, and equipment needed to start.

Why it’s Important to Learn How To Edit Video?

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Because Video popularity is rising. Online video viewers spent over six hours each week in 2019. 70% of organizations also thought it prudent to develop more video content than before. Thus, video marketing is your audience’s solution.

To succeed, you need more than the correct shot or clips. A minor modification or edit of your videos/vlogs may keep viewers from zoning out, make them watch longer, and give your business the ROI it needs.  This essay will cover video editing strategies to keep people interested.

1. Captivate viewers in 5 seconds

– 8 Video Editing Tips to Keep Viewers Engaged – Clipchamp Blog.

Brands competing for viewers’ attention have also saturated social media. The sooner you can convey and grab viewers’ interest in the initial few seconds, the better. Otherwise, viewers will go on. 

Motion grabs attention. Moving screens grab our attention. Motion and appealing sights, such people or animation, may halt scrollers and click on your video.

Start your videos with the most intriguing segment to pique viewers’ attention. An ad’s title or call-to-action language sets the tone for the video. 

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2. Optimize Video Durations

How To Edit Video

Videos should be short for marketers. However, your audience, content distribution platform, viewers’ devices, geography,how to edit video. and value determines video duration. 

Your viewers need something fast if they’re viewing your videos on their phones amid traffic, subways, or breaks. They’ll scroll over a lengthy video, missing your vital points. 

Facebook story videos should be 20–90 seconds and 4–4 hours. Twitter videos should be 45 seconds, while blog videos should be 30–60 seconds. 

You may also work with a freelance social media manager or  firm to establish the right video duration for your audience and platform.

3. Jump Cuts

The brain may switch tasks easily. We develop ideas together. Jump cuts mirror human cognition and speech, making them an excellent method to make your film appealing. 

Editing out those milliseconds will help you get to the point and deliver the message. Jump cuts may minimize repetition, interruptions, and off-topic content in extended videos. 

Online video editors make jump cuts easier. Screen capture is even sufficient.

“Running One” by Lola Rennt employs jump cuts to keep viewers engaged. 

Notice how the visuals emerge and vanish, the movement, how to edit video and the lack of breaks make it more exciting? 

4. Caption/Subtitle

How To Edit Video

Your audience may be varied. Most viewers will watch without sound. Like Facebook, 85% watch videos muted. That implies these network viewers may not comprehend your videos. Subtitles or captions fill this gap. 

When viewers switch off sound, they’re a certain method to get your message through. 

Subtitles may also increase user viewing time, accessibility, and language barriers.

5. Narrate

Since humans relate to stories, internet marketing uses them. Storytelling increases how to edit video views. It makes your videos less dull or commercial. 

This movie shows GoPro’s product’s benefits without naming the company.

Use numerous storyline threads for narrative success. Rebirth, success story, or business difficulty overcome. Storytelling makes any video more engaging. 

6. Set The Tone

How to edit video should interest viewers throughout. That implies your tone should create an impact on viewers. 

Visuals may satisfy viewers. Add sound effects and music. Don’t make your video a monologue. Background music or sound gives a video life and keeps viewers interested. Ad agencies demonstrate this.

Notice how background music lifts viewers’ spirits and makes them want to watch more?

7. Brighten & Add Effects.

Lights affect cameras and eyes differently. The latter is better developed and can pick up fine details and lighting contrast, whereas the former needs more illumination to catch eye-visible details. Lighting effects improve the quality of your video.

With the correct video editing software, you can tailor each lighting solution to your audience or the setting. 

Harsh lighting and soft lighting in a happy scenario might portray rage or grief. The scene’s tone and spectator engagement depend on the lighting.

8. Use Thirds.

Videos may not follow the rule of thirds. However, it draws attention to the how to edit video. Disrupt audience assumptions and display inventiveness using the rule of thirds. This movie shows how the rule of thirds may improve videos and grab viewers’ attention.

Video editing takes longer than filming. From a clever video editor. However, a simple video editor may speed up editing. You can figure it out with a solid why and mentality. 

Your films will engage more viewers with the correct lighting, music, or narration. Your viewers and search engines will adore it when your videos generate traffic to their platforms and get viewers to act.


It’s possible that learning how to edit video may at first appear like an overwhelming task. There is a lot that needs to be thought about. However, being proficient in video editing is not impossible at all. It would be pretty challenging to put up a complete reference on the topic, even though the technology for video editing is readily available.

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