How To Edit A YouTube Video – Tips & Tricks For Beginner’s

How To Edit A YouTube Video

Video content on services like how to edit a YouTube video has grown dramatically, which is great news for creators. According to data compiled by Visual Capitalist, YouTube is the second most visited website worldwide.

YouTube can reach a wide variety of audiences via various formats, from comedic sketches to how-to videos and beyond. However, many people have trouble editing videos well on YouTube, and their rankings suffer.

1. Create New Project

How To Edit A YouTube Video - Tips & Tricks For Beginner's

Start video editing. Name a new project. 

PRO TIP: Not all how to edit a YouTube video autosave. If your software doesn’t autosave, check and save often. This beginning video editing tutorial starts with a fresh project.

2. Import Footage

How to edit a YouTube video import follows. This comprises your main footage, b-roll, audio, how to edit a YouTube video, and other content.

  • Drag your main footage into the timeline after importing. 
  • PRO TIP: Use a slider bar or Command/Control +/- to zoom the timeline. 
  • After importing all film, drag the main footage into the editing timeline.

3: Edit Video

Now delete any poor takes or faults from the core footage. 

There are many methods. 

Remove the beginning of your footage. Hovering over the clip’s start changes the cursor. (usually to a little arrow icon). Click and drag the clip to where you want to edit a YouTube video to start. 

  • Drag the clip’s start to where you want it.
  • Press play to see the new starting point. Remove material at the conclusion of your film using this procedure. 
  • Split or chop the tape to eliminate mid-clip material. A Cut or Blade instrument that resembles scissors may achieve this. Click where you want to cut after selecting that tool. 
  • Another edit may delete the middle footage. Drag the clip handles to delete unwanted video. 
  • Click and drag clips to their desired locations.
  • Remove unwanted takes from your final movie using these tools. 
  • After cutting and editing the main footage, you may rearrange it to make the video flow. 
  • Just drag your clips to the new position until your tale is complete. 
  • Find your video editing software’s Cut or Blade tool.
  • Edit your videos backwards. Backwards?! Yup. After filming, only go to the next segment after you’re satisfied with the previous take. 
  • Then you know your final take is usually your finest while editing. Thus, editing backwards hits the better first.
  • This filming and editing method is more efficient. It will save you a lot of time sorting errors, takes, and clips. 
  • After your basic edit, add b-roll. 

4. B-Roll Footage

How To Edit A YouTube Video
  • Drag b-roll from the media library into the timeline above the main film. 
  • Drag b-roll film over main footage on the timeline.
  • B-roll may be edited like a major film. It may be moved, trimmed, divided, and adjusted. 
  • To complete the plot, include all b-roll material. 
  • Mute your b-roll footage for editing. Drag the audio levels to zero by hovering over the waves. 
  • B-roll audio should be turned off to avoid editing issues.
  • PRO TIP: You’ll keep modifying and refining. After adding b-roll, you may wish to tweak the core film to improve flow. Process. 

5: Titles 

Use your app’s title tool to learn how to edit a YouTube video & add text or titles. Configure and utilize templates. 

  • Click and drag the template onto the timeline to add text. 
  • The Title section of your video editing software should include templates and presets.
  • Playback will display an editable text box. You may trademark the text, font, size, color, etc. 
  • The timeline lets you edit text clips like other clips. Drag the sides to lengthen it and pick it up to move it on the timeline. 
  • Place it is a great tool for creating animated titles and images for your films.  
  • Customize the wording to fit your brand.
  • Add any remaining titles, text, product names, or bullet lists to your movie before moving forward.

6. Effects and Transitions 

  • Check your application’s transitions. Drag and drop transitions between clips on your timeline. 
  • Use these transitions sparingly since they devalue your movie.
  • Limit these impacts. Some make your video appear unprofessional. Use them sparingly and only when they enhance your movie. 
  • We seldom switch between clips using the same camera perspective. (e.g. talking head clips). Instead, we magnify one clip. 
  • It nearly seems like the video were taken from separate viewpoints. It adds variety to the photo. 
  • To simulate an alternative camera view, zoom in or crop your footage in the playback box.
  • Select a clip and play it to generate this effect. Enlarge the photo using resize, zoom, or crop. 
  • Resize the photo so the eyes match the others. This eases the adjustment.  
  • Complete adding transitions and effects to timeline clips. Add music. 

7. Add Music To Learn how to edit a YouTube video

How To Edit A YouTube Video
  • Step 2’s audio track import? Drag it from the import library into your timeline underneath the main footage. 
  • Drag the audio file underneath the main footage. 
  • Artlist and Epidemic Sound are our top music sites. 
  • Audio and music snippets are processed similarly. The same tools can move, trim, and cut it. 
  • Make sure the audio finishes when the video does. 
  • Trim the clip to match your video footage.
  • Play the full video and modify segments to match the music. 
  • Once satisfied, adjust the audio levels. 

8. Adjust volume. To Learn how to edit a YouTube video

  • First modify the speaking audio, then the background music. 
  • Lower background music to zero. You may focus on the main sounds this way. 
  • Focus on the main sounds by muting the backdrop.
  • Use headphones for this step. They improve acoustic perception. 
  • Next, check the audio for volume, distortion, and volume. 
  • Adjust audio levels as needed using any tools you have. 
  • Audio bars in video editing software may help you assess audio levels. 
  • Audio bars should be generally green, sometimes yellow, and never red. Audio in the red is maxed out and distorted. 
  • If all your video were shot using the same camera, microphone, and time, you may change the first clip and paste the volume to the others. 
  • Select the first clip, then Edit, then Copy. Box the remaining clips. Edit, Paste Adjustments, Volume. 
  • Paste the audio levels to the remaining clips in a box. 
  • Adjust background music after setting main audio. Personal taste and track choice determine music loudness. From 20–30% volume, we adapt. 
  • Color grading/correction follows. 

9. Adjust Color To Learn how to edit a YouTube video

How To Edit A YouTube Video
  • Adjust the first clip, then all the others. 
  • Select the first clip and open color adjustment tools. Adjust the parameters to suit your creative process. 
  • Adjust color settings until you like the result. 
  • We generally change: 
  • brightness saturation 
  • After grading the first clip, copy the color correction settings to the rest. 
  • Color-correct your b-roll, how to edit a youtube video, graphics, and animations. 
  • If the clips were shot together, you may paste the color adjustment.
  • Check your video again. 
  • Exporting follows. 

10. Export To Learn how to edit a YouTube video

  • File > Export or Publish (depending on editing program) typically works. 
  • Next, choose the format, resolution, quality, etc. Most editing software defaults to your primary footage. 
  • If necessary, modify the default parameters here.
  • Default settings are usually acceptable. These may be customized if needed. 
  • Next, name the file, and save. 
  • Some apps let you upload to YouTube or Facebook, but we prefer saving to your PC. Before uploading, you may review the project on a mobile device.
  • Release your video masterpiece once you’re satisfied.
  • Watch it again on multiple devices before publishing to social media.
  • After completing our video editing procedure, obtain The Primal Video Method for free.
  • This approach works with any device and video editing software. It can be used for any future video editing!

Conclusion Regards how to edit a YouTube video

Video views, comments, likes, how to edit a YouTube video. and other interactions may fluctuate widely after being edited. Instead of concentrating just on the aesthetics or content of your film, it’s vital to take a step back and analyze its structure.

Editing may make your story more logical and clear to the reader. The addition of music and animation might really boost its impact. This uses visually cohesive graphics, headings, and transitions to convey the intended message.

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