Guys With iPhone Some 😂 Funny Things Of Apple Users

Guys With iPhone Do Not Text With Android Users 

iPhone is the most premium brand in the field of mobiles. It comes with a high price and unique technology. Guys With iPhone mobiles are considered to have good standard in the society. It is also believed iPhone users are more superior than the android users. 

Apple design’s the operating system (IOS) which is exclusive to iPhone mobiles only. The features possessed by the Apple phones are unique and limited only to the iPhones. 

This creates a feeling of superiority in the mind of the guys with iPhone which creates some funny things. This article will cover all the funny that people with iPhone do. Some of the noticeable points are listed below. 

Guys With iPhone Do Not Text With Android Users 

Guys With iPhone often do some things that has earned them a tag of being exclusive and superior. Some beliefs have added fuel to the perception that the android users are sometimes not treated well in text messages and group chats.

They Spend More Money Than Android Users 

guys with iPhone Spend More Money Than Android Users 

Apple generally is driven towards marketing its products as luxury items and has developed a reputation for appearing to pretend the competition doesn’t even exist.  

In result of these beliefs created by the brand, all share the same belief. So, it is no surprise that iPhone users generally spend more money than android users.  

They Don’t Share Items Through Message App 

Guys With iPhone Don’t Share Items Through Message App 

There is a feature in iPhone that does not allows its user to send files over SMS as there is no way by which the sender can send message. Only under one condition it is possible, if the recipient user uses iPhone.  

The funny part in this case is that apple users are mocked of not being able to send the message to the android users. 

They Generally Show Off 

Generally Show Off with iPhone

This is a thing to which Apple users get a lot of mocking. They actual show off to a great extent with their phone and this is a proven fact. Most of the android users will relate to this thing. 

  • Guys Search for other iPhone users for charger 

As we all know that iPhone can only connect to the data cables of the chargers provided by Apple. So, in case of dead battery and no availability of their own charger, then they have to look out for Apple users that also use iPhone. 

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They Tap at The Back of Their iPhone 

This a funny thing yet a feature of Apple iPhone. The users try to tap at the back of their iPhone when they need to turn on their camera or flashlight of the device. 

This pretends a funny thing to the non-iPhone and mocks the iPhone users. 

  • Guys Shake their mobile 

This is yet another feature of iPhone and funny one too. To erase the text, iPhone users have to just shake their device. Isn’t it a funny thing but it is true. When android users view this thing, they find it funny.  

Their Obsession With Selfie 

This is the all-time funniest thing with the introduction of selfie. It is strongly believed that only to show of the logo of the Apple brand, the users take more selfie images rather than rear images.  

This thing has been a topic of mockery for iPhone users with the craze of uploading pictures in social media sites. At least one in our teen age we have done this particular thing. 


To conclude, purchasing iPhone not only comes with high standards in society but also with some funny things. These things only make the entire brand marketing of iPhone as they release a device every year in general. 

Some things lead to positive as well as negative brand marketing for Apple. But, over the years Apple has proved repeatedly that it is indeed best in the business. They have always liked of being at the top and maintaining it. 

So, all the iPhone users continue to use Apple product despite of being a product of mockery to android users.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. Why do only iPhone users have been a topic of mockery? 

Answer :- Due to the unique features that iPhone contains makes the users of iPhone a topic of mockery. These features are only available in iPhone and cannot be copied by other phone users. As other mobile brand users cannot use that feature, so they make mockery of iPhone users. 

  1. Is iPhone worth purchasing in spite of so many funny things? 

Answer :- Yes, purchasing iPhone is definitely worth it as it provides different features that are not available in android devices. 

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