Apple Watch Rolex V/s Apple Watch Ultra Which Is The Best?

Apple Watch Rolex V/s Apple Watch Ultra Which Is The Best?

In this Blog, we will Compare Apple’s Two Big Watches: 1st is “Apple Watch Rolex” & 2nd is “Apple Watch Ultra.” Engineers designing the Apple watch have kept the design the same as it was five years ago. Only some of the things have been changed.

The bezels of the watch have shrunk, and screens have become larger. Both the watches mentioned in the title cannot be described in words. The word ‘Rolex’ appears with a grand image in mind. Both Apple and Rolex are game-changers in their respective fields.

Apple is more technology-driven, whereas Rolex focuses more on its vintage style of watches. It is a very interesting topic to know: ‘ Which is the best, Watch Rolex V/s Watch Ultra.’ Let us see in brief what these watches possess.

Features of Apple Watch Rolex 

Apple Watch Rolex
  • Stainless steel case 

Apple Watch Rolex is built with stainless steel case and a stainless-steel Rolex oyster bracelet. 

  • Elegant Bezel 

It consists of a black bezel with a unidirectional rotating feature made of ceramic material. 

  • Eye-catching Dial 

The watch’s dial is silver tone, and the index hour structure is black. Similarly, the minute design is manufactured around the outer rim. The dial type of the watch is Analog type. 

  • Water-resistant 

Apple Watch Rolex is designed to be resistant to water at 1220 meters or 4000 feet and consists of functions like date, hour, minute, second, and clock in water. 

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Pros of Apple Watch Rolex 

  • High resell value 

Most luxury vehicles lose their value when coming out of the showroom, but watches lose much less in comparison. Most people purchase this watch as an asset as this purchase has a high resell value. As it gets older, it becomes more costly.

  • Outstanding Reliability 

This Band is extremely reliable as it is made of materials that are very rarely found in nature and are to get destroyed. Even melting these kinds of watches also does not hamper them much and doesn’t even get destroyed. 

  • Water activities 

Like the Apple Watch Ultra, the Rolex can also be used in water activities. Due to its heavy weight, most people use it sparingly while doing water activities. 

Features of Apple Watch Ultra 

 Apple Watch Ultra
  • Rugged and Capable 

This watch consists of a titanium case with 49mm corrosion-resistant. The watch is designed with a larger digital dial, more accessible buttons, and even water resistance of 100m. A feature of the Action button is provided with a customization facility for controlling various functions. 

  • Bright and Larger Display 

A bright and large display is provided, even visible under the bright sun. Even this watch comes with a face recognition feature that captures the face and unlocks the user’s watch. 

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Pros of Apple Watch Ultra 

  • Used by Athletes 

The watch is designed by keeping in mind the feature of exact frequency generating GPS for accurate distance, route, and speed calculations. The watch band is thin, light, and flexible, specifically for athletes. 

  • Used for Outdoor Adventures 

Adventures can only be completed when you have the exact location and routes. This can only be achieved when your location is accurately mapped with Compass Waypoints. The backtracking algorithm works at the back end that enables the GPS to map where you’ve been so that you can retrace your steps. 

A type of band that is Alpine Loop band is designed to be extremely rugged to meet the requirements of hikers and climbers. 

  • Used for water activities 

Water activities such as swimming, scuba diving, and surfing can all be performed by wearing the Apple Watch Ultra, which is waterproof. Features of the watch allow the user to participate in water sports and activities. 

  • Health and Safety Measures 

Advanced health sensors are established in the watch to provide deep insights into the user’s health. Fall Detection and Crash Detection can automatically connect the user with urgent and emergency services customer care in the case of an extreme fall or a serious vehicle accident. 

  • Applications that can connect with iPhone 

This watch allows the user to access thousands of apps on the App Store of the connected iPhone. Apple Watch is one personal device for everything you wish to do. 

Why should we choose the Apple Watch Ultra? 

This watch is capable enough to meet the demands of athletes, outdoor adventurers, and water sports players. This watch is designed with a specialized band for each purpose, making it more special. It provides an extraordinary battery life of up to 36 hours, which is commendable. In addition, all the Apple Watch features help the user to stay healthy, safe, and connected. 

Why should we choose Rolex? 

The major reason to choose Rolex is that purchasing this watch makes a statement of success because it’s only in the range of Millionaires and Billionaires. With this comes the durability and reliability that the watch possesses. 


It is very difficult to come to a conclusion about which watch to buy. Both watches are superior to each other in one way or another. Some will suggest buying a Rolex, while others will suggest buying an Apple Watch Ultra. 

I prefer the Apple Watch Ultra due to its versatility in all ranges. Now it’s up to you which to choose above what. So go ahead and decide! 

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