An Unwanted Programs Running On A Computer Is Called A?

Unwanted Program Running

An Unwanted Program Running on our computer can be malware, virus, or software. These are dangerous for our systems and a great threat to our systems.

For more detail, you can go through our article, which contains detailed information about unwanted programs.

What are PUPs?

A computer's undesired programme is referred to as a

Potentially Unwanted Programs is also known as PUP. There are also known as bundleware, junkware, or PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). These unwanted programs running on the computer are the same PUP. These are software programs that no one wants but somehow get installed on our computer systems.

There are a few things that these unwanted programs can do:

  • decrease the speed of our system  
  • display lots of advertisements that cause distractions  
  • for no reason adding toolbars that occupy space on the browser  
  • invade private information  

Often, these programs come with software that we actually download into the system. With a quick swipe up through the installation process, we actually forget to skip over the “approve” option in these additionally installed apps.

The creators of such programs believe that because of the towing contract, they must include these programs with some applications. They do not include any other dangerous intentions and ideas. The cybersecurity company McAfee coined the term “Potentially Unwanted Programs,” which can be understood easily by its name.

What makes a program called as unwanted?

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Security engineers look at a list of bad practices to determine if an application is a PUP. Some apps have been placed in PUP for several minor violations. Others because they had one serious infraction. PUP standards include several criteria, for example, annoying pop-ups, web violations, such as altered search results or bookmark access, or download errors, such as preloaded check boxes for or “recommended” generously used next to an option.  

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Different ways by which we can know that our system consists of Unwanted Program Running

A computer's undesired programme is referred to as a

Recognize dark patterns

Dark patterns are user interfaces intended to confuse people. These patterns are carefully created interfaces that confuse people in making decisions or performing actions they would not dare to do.   

Dark patterns have a wide range. They can be either small programs or a major applications. But one thing they all have in common is that they first examine users’ intentions, and when they come to know about the weak point of the individual, they take out their benefit from it by blackmailing them.  


These types of programs are common in software installers. It provides the user with an option in the form of a typical continuation option. Then the dark pattern shows the actual signs of it when it displays the “I accept these terms” option. It then asks the user to accept the terms of a program or uninstall the program.  

In most cases, the users accept the terms as human nature. The unrelated program unknowingly gets installed. Behind this process are the authors of unwanted programs that get paid for each installation of this program in the user’s system.  

Read through the install wizard instructions carefully.

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Whenever we want to download a piece of software, sometimes an installation wizard directs us through the installation process of the software. The install wizard, or setup assistant, depending on which operating system we are using, provides us with a series of dialog boxes that helps us with the installation process of the software.

The unwanted programs are already present in the install wizard, which is not visible to us, as the developers of such programs understand that most users have the habit of quickly going through the steps without reading the information in the installation. To catch such programs, we should:

  • Read the entire information thoroughly in the installation process to ensure no unwanted program is present in the software.
  • Always accept the customization settings and should never accept the default or advanced settings. Install wizards consists of dark patterns in default settings, especially in advanced settings. Custom settings are totally safe to use.

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Read through EULAs carefully.

EULA stands for End User License Agreements programmed as default with any kind of download. These are legal confirmations between the user and the developers of the software programs that we are using or downloading.

EULAs are free for a lifetime and come with a license. Due to this, most people skip directly to the “I accept” option without reading the entire information. However, EULAs are licensed, but such programs’ developers can legally enter their programs into our system. To avoid such mishappenings, we should follow the following steps:

  • The terms provided should not be accepted as those can contain unwanted programs.   
  • Please read the information carefully to ensure that the EULA we accept is only for the program we originally wanted to download.   
  • If such an option does not appear on the screen, we can decline and move forward in the installation process.  

Increase security  

Security is the most important system that should be present in our system. Without security, viruses and unwanted programs can easily attack our system. It becomes easy for the developers of such programs to entire the systems without security.  

Anti-virus and Anti-malware software is easily available on any platform, whether online or offline. A few hundred bucks can save us thousands of bucks. We should not be careless in terms of security as without it, our system is prone to many of the malware present in several applications that we use in our daily life.  

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Overall, such programs are really unwanted in our system as they only lead to degrading our system and processor. These programs can easily take out the private information of the user, which can lead to huge crime cases as well.  

To conclude, we should always take care while downloading random applications. As in most cases, these programs secretly hide in the applications without the user’s knowledge. Safety is in our hands; if we are careful, our system will also be safe. There will be a loss of the system as well as money.  

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